He has been running on music since he was a little child. Besides the early solfeggio and singing studies he also played the classical guitar. In 2016 he graduated with a degree in Electronic Music and Media Arts
at the University of Pécs.
His musical carreer began with hip hop, rap, trip hop and electronic hiphop under other now forgotten aliases. Other big influences for him were the oldschool dubstep scene and later the future garage intentions.
After 2013 he was felt the need for an absolute reborn with new alias “ΛLUPHOBIA” and an ep called Revival. Since that he released an album called
“Storm On The Digital Sea” on Bükko Tapes and debuted on Babylon Records with “Afrika” ep. During his productions his main point is the detail.
The timbres and the sound design are the most important things for him. In his music he likes atmospheric soundspaces, soft transitions and movements as well as
processes between chaos and order. Working with influences from oldschool hiphop to drone techno he brings the new flavour hidden in between.