Aztek has been making big movements in the dubstep scene in the past few months, with his productions focusing on the old school dubstep sound. One of the top dons at Canopus Records, Aztek has had a big impact on the growth of the label, and has recently been working closely with Muhla from the 140 ninja crew on some bass filled productions. A regular face on UK Mondo Radio, Aztek has repeatedly impressed various audiences bringing his individual dense bass sound to any radio or event he plays. He has recently done guestmixes for SUB fm and Bassport Fm, and has had support from Nakes on After Dark Radio, and has a monthly slot on LVLZ radio on which he’s planning to feature guestmixes from other like minded dub producers. Aztek is a resident of Shakey Wakey night in Sheffield, and on top of this has copped some sick bookings with the well established Rite Trax nights, Pondlife and Gully, and is expected to go far in 2017 with the Canopus family. He’ll be playing a b2b with Tino, other Canopus resident, so make sure you get down to their set at Membrain to experience their heavyweight sound!