Hailing from Croydon,South London. Camzify is a quickly rising talent in dubstep. He started off producing 2-step UK Garage after he bought his first records (Dionne Rakeem’s “Sweeter Than Wine” & 24 Hour Experince’s 4×4 anthem “Together”) from Big Apple Records in 2004 then decided to switch to dubstep in 2006 after hearing Artwork & Hatcha play Artwork’s classic record “Red” and Benga’s “Dreamgate” when he walked in the shop one day and the darker side of electronic music started to grow on him. 

Since then Camzify has never turned his back on dubstep as he likes to incorporate the original dubstep sound with modern day influences to create a truly original concept of electronic music and potentially one day will be one the genres best for the new generation of producers within the genre.