Zenicafaria Sound

Zenicafaria Sound is a group of friends, fans of dub and sound system culture whose selections are mainly oriented to the roots/uk/dub stepper. Today within the crew are Bussy Baldhead (MC), Ardubah Warrior and VZA Selecta (selectors).

The collective was formed in 2010 in Zenica (Bosnia & Herzegovina), and the first activities were related to organizing ‘slušaona’ and concerts in the city. One constan driving force was that all this enthusiasm should be raised to a higher level and so in March 2012, a group of friends decided to rotate the first track as a warm up performer at the two-day festival of alternative music titled “Festivalčić”. 2016 collective begins with construction of the first hand-made sound systems in BiH.

After this crucial decision road has led them to various locations throughout the EX YU, including participation at events s.a. Seasplash Festival, DUB CAMP, Tides of Youth Festival Ritual Fest, Regeneration Danube, Lunar Fest, Lost Theory Festival Momento Demento Festival and on tour in Ljubljana as part of Dub Lab program, in Zagreb on Reggae Tuesdays in the Masters, in Osijek participated at Epic Dub Session-in, and also passed its vibration in Sarajevo, Rijeka, Split, Jelah, Tuzla, Kakanj, Subotica and Bihac. They cooperated with Bass Matters Soundsystem, Thunder of Jah Army Soundsystem, Munchies Soundsystem, Baga Sound, Low Frequency, Omanian, Bass-In-Ulema Sound, Homegrown Sound Chamber, Butchaa Messenjah, Darez SELECT Lewangz, Shalamanda Hi Fi, Irie Garden , Kantri Man …