Adam Mulcahy aka Altex, first realized his interest in electronic music at a young age, sparked by Daft Punk and Prodigy videos on his sister’s TV in the 90’s. At a very young age he became infatuated by the tones, visuals and constant battle of logic and creativity that was dance music. This infatuation became sidelined as he pursued an athletic career during his early teenage years, boxing at top national level and representing his nation internationally.

It wasn’t until the late ’00’s when a new sound had emerged from the boroughs of Croydon and was beginning to spread around the party scene, that his interest was truly sparked again.

After hearing the meditative sound of the Dubstep’s roots and feeling the impact of 18′ bass bins for the first time at a small free party in the countryside of Ireland, it was clear that the 140bpm genre was to be his new obsession. It wasn’t long until he began buying music, following artists, labels and creating his own mixes. Although Dubstep had gained quite a reputation and some serious momentum across the European rave scene, in rural Ireland’s Club and Party Scene the music Altex loved was a rarity at best. 

2010 in Leitrim, Ireland, The lack of love for the genre was apparent but Altex and a group of friends decided that starting to host parties that focused primarily on the Dubstep sound was the only logical step.

SKE was born and the young friends began pushing the 140 sound to new heights in their local area. Not before long, ravers nationwide began to take notice which eventually prompted collaborative gigs with some of Ireland’s most well renowned underground promoters such as The Energy Collective. Coupled with the weekend long, illegal raves, sometimes reaching 400+ attendees, all centered around Dubstep, it was clear to see the impact the SKE brand and crew had on the island’s scene.

Although Drum and Bass wasn’t at the forefront it was always a part of the scene and heavily featured at the raves. DJ’s like Nephilim, Ha-Zb and Spectrum Dnb Dublin would be booked to finish off the night with some DnB vibes.

After seeing and hearing the technical ability of the aforementioned DJs, Altex knew that the driving basslines and syncopated beats of the DnB Genre where for him.

Yet again a new obsession began. 2013 came and with the Dubstep scene and the music itself becoming separated from the original roots of the genre, the crew that was once SKE began to become infatuated with new styles and sounds. With the maturity of his sound and taste, Drum and Bass became a natural progression for Altex, who at this time decided that DJing was no longer enough to satisfy his need to expand his knowledge on Electronic Music.

A three year hiatus from the scene, spent fiddling with an early version of Ableton Live and attempting to gain an understanding of production laid the foundation of what we now know as Altex. No longer interested in just simply raving and playing, Altex wanted to push himself to the forefront of Irelands’ history in the Drum and Bass/Jungle Scene.

In the year 2016 UK labels and artists began noticing the Irishman’s unpolished rollers and beats that were circulating among Ransaked Records, Auraya Recordings, Tesseract Recordings and Hyperion Audio. Noticing his potential, contact was made, tunes where acquired and put out across all these brands, relationships were built, links where established and the imprint that is Boey Audio was then born in 2017.

Boey exploded onto the scene as a free download orientated platform label, it gained serious traction in the second half of it’s launch year with Radio 1 play and frequently booked label takeovers across UK and Ireland. Couple this with the increase of EU bookings for Altex himself, the need to show his full ability, and push his skills became a regular occurrence.

Motivated further by playing and collaboratively producing alongside some of the most promising UK and EU upcomers Altex realised that his true calling was in creating and curating unique basslines and breaks to both fuel his DJ sets and express himself creatively.

2018 started with absolutely no sign of either Altex or his imprint losing any traction with weekly events across Ireland, EU and the UK. There are numerous Altex releases set to drop on labels like Othercide and Tesseract Recordings meaning you can be sure to see and hear plenty more of this young Irishman in the future.