Antagonist,Manchester UK , has had a keen interest in music since being a child. Having started out Djing through pirate radio at the back end of the cassette tape era in late 2004 and progressing into the club circuit around 2009. Antagonist has been building a journey for years, experimenting with various genres of music until finally setting the concrete down with the darker and cinematic side of drum&bass & electronic music. With a growing number of releases on labels such as Samurai Music, Renegade Hardware, Eternia and his own imprint, Discipline. Antagonist has been working hard in the studio to develop his own vision of DNB and broken beats. Keeping the textures dark and industrial with emphasis on atmospherics and grooves. Along with running the Manchester based ‘Pandemik’ club event, Antagonist has supported acts such as Loxy, Paradox, LTJ Bukem, Doc Scott, Soul:ution & many more. Drawing inspiration from the distinctive Manchester DNB sound, Antagonist is quickly carving his own route into the to scene.