Cid Poitier

Cid Poitier [Translation Recordings / Sub:Clef Records] Messing around with Turntables since 1997, Cid Poitier’s first love was 90’s Jamaican dancehall, but when Jungle music broke onto the scene he found a new outlet for his musical passion. Since then he has taken the progressive journey into Drum & Bass, Deep Dubstep and more recently experimenting with Deep Minimal Sound System music between 140-170bpm. Cid Poitier’s music is heavily inspired by these genres with a signature sound that’s driven by intricate percussion and low end weight. Having been releasing Experimental, Tribal Dub influenced Half Step since 2015 to much praise, his musical output also includes experiments at lower tempos exploring the unique intersections between Deep Soulful Electronica and Early Dubstep on his imprint Sub:Clef Records. Support comes from a diverse spectrum of Underground Bass music DJ’s and Producers including J:Kenzo, Om Unit, Moresounds, The Untouchables, DJ Flight, Sicaria Sound, Vromm, BunZero, Crypticz amongst many others. Radio Play: BBC 1xtra / Rinse FM / SUB FM