Daboo is a Rocky Balkan DJ/Producer based in the Lowlands of Holland. He is a founder of Membrain Festival and known for his exploration of sub-frequencies from different corners of the globe through his productions, sets, radio show ‘Bass Trek’ (bassport.fm), just as events he organises in Amsterdam and EU. His sets will take you on an adventure with energetic bass driven cross genres of drum&bass, dubstep, reggeastep, global bass, balkan bass and all derivatives. This powerful musical hodgepodge, which can transform a bunch of strangers into a circle of friends is his trademark that inspires and infatuates.

Has played in NL/USA/ESP/D/A/CZ/HR
Collaborated with many great artists and shared stage with likes of Maztek/Dabs/Xtrah/Hybris/Hybrid Minds/Levela/Numa Crew.. to name a few