Filip Motovunski

Filip Motovunski is a drum and bass/jungle/hip hop DJ and producer from Motovun, little town in Istria(Croatia). Involved in music since his early childhood as an MC and beatmaker in his rap band called “PCP”. In 2007. he became a part of Kingston Soundsystem from Zagreb where he started to produce his own dnb/jungle tracks and have his first DJ shows. Two years later he signed for canadian Junglexpeditions that released his digital EP “Ta Pa Tap” with 5 tracks and Sort Dem Out EP in collab with DJ Rahmanee from Belgrade. He has remixed a large number of songs like “Sound of tha Police”, “Beenie Man – Who am I”, ”Djevojke u ljetnim haljinama”, “Kad bi svi”, “Ta pa tap” and “Koke linija” that have become widely popular. Together with Big Bud, The Green Man, Yakov and Rahmanee, Filip is also a part of a german d’n’b label Breaks Per Minute (BPM Rec.) where he released “Noonshine” EP, official remix of Kiril Dzajkovski’s famous ”Jungle Shadow”, “Love Frequency” single featuring Michael Kworka and most recently “Lava/Shakka” single that was pretty well supported from artists like DJ Hype, Skeptikal, Krust, Marky, Klax, Crissy Criss etc. In “Lava” song Filip Has returned to his hip hop roots by laying his vocals in the tunePRE, but first time in English.

With the “Move from the Gate EP” in collab with Strapazoot he became part of JabbaTon Rec. from Zagreb.

In the last four years he had more than 600 shows in Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Italy, Serbia and Germany and shared stage with many artists: Rahmanee, John B, RCola, Confusion, Kodin, Tekitoka, Logics, Banana Sound, Mc Yuri, MC Popay, Stillness, DJ Peers, Meniga, Jacky Murda, Billain, Daniel S, Danny Bwoy, JinSan, Kingston Sound, MRK1, Yesh, Rea, Roots in Session, Mc Mist, Bassinvaders, Tricky D, Friction, Kenny Ken, Eskman, Lion Dub, Jacky Murda, RCola, Mungos Hi Fi, King Shango soundsystem, 207, Swift, Safety Breaks, Pips, DMT, Yesh, Edo Maajka, Dirty Beats crew, Kandzija, Mc Big Oz, Gypsy Jungle and many others. He Played on almost every croatian festival such as Outlook, Hideout, Seasplash, Xtatic, Ferragosto Jam, Hartera, Knockout…

Since 2007. he’s organising dnb night called ”Drama” in Max Magnus in Pazin and recently in Crkva club in Rijeka, where he presents different regional and european DJ’s and MC’s.