Justin Richardson is a London based DJ/Producer. His talent has never stayed unnoticed. The ideas which seem so simple but work so well make the other producers wonder.
Justin produces tunes in many genres so he is an all-rounder when it comes to music. His moods determine what sound he will put towards the beats.
This talented musician has proven through achievements that anything is possible with consistent application. Throughout the time he has produced under following aliases: Genotype, Just Jungle, Mastermind, J.D.R, Jus Dubz, Craftsman, and World Collective.
Justin is currently running 5 different Labels. Each Label their own different sound and even genre. ‘G-Lab Recordings’ is more harder Drum and Bass orientated. ‘Just Dubz Recordings’ is more of a Dub/Reggae sound. Deeper Sessions is more meditation style Drum and Bass with still the deadly elements. More experimentation of sounds. ‘J D R Recordings’ is a Techno, House Label. ‘World Collective’ is a label that deals with world music. It is a interesting project for him as he loves to try something new all the time. He has proven to do so many styles of music but yet to find more. The Journey Continues……….
He is also an outstanding Steeldrums performer with 25 years of history, performing at all the prime events such as Notting Hill Carnival, UK National Steelbands Panorama Competition, Trinidad Steelbands Panorama Competition plus all over the UK and Europe.
In 1994, during one of his college performances he was spotted by Clayton Hines (A&R for Trouble On Vinyl Records and Renegade/Hardware Recordings) who signed him to his label. Justin’s first release was ‘Gold EP’ and that was also licensed to the German company, SPV.
His second release, ‘Sky’, was a track that got played by almost every DJ in the London drum and bass circuit. MCA, Acid Jazz, Sony Japan and Production House also licensed this track. Since then Justin has developed in leaps and bounds in the world of drum and bass.
He has produced for numerous big labels like Exit Records, Cylon Recordings, Renegade Hardware, Renegade Recordings, Moving Shadow, Audio Couture, L plates, Pennyblack Recordings, Phat Traxs, Reinforced Records, Slow Motion, Fashion, Social Circles, Sony, Broken Audio Recordings, Offkey and Voodoo.