Lion C is a Drum and Bass and Jungle DJ from Thuringia, Germany. You can follow him on Stages and DnB Partys for more than 10 years. He plays a quick Mix of Jungle, Ragga-Jungle, JumpUp and so much other Substyles of this great Genre. His Mixes are individual, quick and energetic and his Style is a unique fingerprint of his idea for this music. Lion C is also a foundation member of the Circus of Pressure Crew and a Resident DJ in the Saalgärten in his Birthplace: Rudolstadt. In Rudolstadt he is also responsible for the one or other booking on the DnB-Partys called Rootcircle. Lion C actually lives in Weimar, Thuringia. You can listen to his Mixes on Partys, Festivals, Radioshows and Online. So have fun and listen to him.