Mental Freedom

“Sub bass grooves with a message”

Mental Freedom is a dubstep DJ duo consisting of Benjamin Khan and Skali Yo coming from Zenica/Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina. Since their teenage days, both of them were very active in the development of independent music scene, organising different events and supporting everything from DIY anarcho-punk, reggae and dub to pure 140 bpm deep dark and dangerous dubstep vibes, more recently. Together with other bass enthusiasts from Sarajevo they hosted several club nights on the monthly and weekly basis, most significant are Rootical Vibes, Transmission and Duba za Jahba. Magical revelation and birth of Mental Freedom happened one morning after a Bassus Colossus event and an amazing performance of our uncle Joe Nice following shoulder to shoulder 6 hour mixing session. Their sound can be described as a dynamic mix of primarily dubstep with a little bit of “anything can happen” from grime, dub, hip hop and reggae.