Mike Fate

Mike Fate name has come to represent both DJ’ing distinction and multiform production style that brings the sounds of yesterday and tomorrow with the Evolution DnB ethos.

Polish born,now Ireland based electronic musician took his talent to turntables in 1998 and has been quickly noted for surgical cuts, infectious blends and his future thinking in Drum n’ Bass and sub genres. This has lead to a number of residencies and guest spots in clubs and festivals across the Europe.

Working and sharing the Decks with acts like Alix Perez,Om Unit,Jubei,Calibre,Fracture,Skeptical,Halogenix, Spirit,Steo,Amit,Chimpo,Fierce,Stray,J:Kenzo,Sam Binga, Mortem,Ricky Force,Bredren,Youngsta,Distance,Thelem,Zero T,Script,Total Science,Clarity,Tek Life Traxman as well as Sp:Mc,mc Basseline and Cian Finn

Mikes runs Evolution DnB and brings Drum n Bass to the south west of Ireland with International dj’s on the lineup as well as promoting young and old local artists and their music.

Over the past few years Evolution DnB gigs has become a benchmark for Bass fanatics and is recognised both locally and Nationwide through its distinctive sound and family vibes.

Mike has packed dj schedule including clubs,major festivals and streaming life on various internet platforms keep your ears and eyes open.