Dj Pinchado ( Julio Lozano ),  born in Buenos Aires – Argentinian in 1969, is an experimental Argentinian musician touring extensively over Europe and Latin America, solo as  Pinchado since 2003, and as a member of the duo Constitu Sound since 2010. A precursor of the electro cumbia music genre, he loves to cut and paste cumbia loops in an noisy style. He reuses sounds from traditional cumbia from Peru and Colombia, especially chicha and huayno styles played with electric guitar. He creates his own mixes, experimentating with these sounds and also with electronica and noise music. Since a few years, he also enjoys to incorporate gamelan music, following the path between peruvian and indonesian music. He started studying balinese gamelan at the Indonesian embassy in Buenos Aires and investigates the deep connexions between the two repetitive universes.

Produced different artists like Dick El Demasiado – Pablo Dacal – Los Mirlos del Perú , Etc.