London based Dj & producer Strago’s musical background begins at the age of 10 when he was admitted in his local music school. In 1997, a trip to London and a visit to a couple of legendary clubs such as The End or the Metalheadz Sundays at Blue Note got him instantly hooked to drum&bass, an addiction that he still hasn’t been able to kick! In the year 2000 he started promoting his own nights, djing in and around the Madrid area. In 2003 launched Mutacube, a crew which was later to become a record label, releasing tunes both on vinyl and digital formats. As a dj, Strago’s played for all these years in festivals, clubs and free parties all over Europe. His style on the decks is best described as dark and dynamic, expertly mixing the freshest dubs with classics and forgotten gems rescued from his numerous crates! As a producer his style has evolved from tech neuro and deep rolling beats to dark and hypnotic half time and dubstep, releasing tunes from 2006 in labels such Mutacube, Vampire, DSCI4, Medschool, Niteshadeinc, Anticlockwise and Melting Pot Records. He also has done collaborations and remixes with Krone, Malsum, Phil Source (Source Direct), Snooks, V.U. and Lokdon. Watch out for his debut LP coming out spring 2019 on Mutacube Recordings!