Growing up listening to Rare Groove, Gospel, Roots, Ska and Hip-Hop, Threshold was never far from production. His sister being a singer/ ballet dancer & father a Reggae enthusiast, with not a lot but prime cuts of Old Skool 7″ records from Blue Beat to Al Green, to Trojan, he quickly gravitated towards the turntables after seeing his brothers decks. Bunking school was an important part for his development, taking many day trips to Dollis Hill station to see his then Idols Manix and 4hero from the seminal Reinforced label and to Elephant & Castle to Music Madness. Here he really discovered Hardcore, moving on after to playing on stations such as Storm FM, Upfront and Flex FM where he started meeting many other like-minded DJ’s along the way. This led him to engineering and production where he met pals with the same drive, Brian and Matthew. Brian was already in the throes of organising his own events, Garrison with DJ Flight (1xtra/Rinse) and booked Threshold. The 1st time they DJ’d together they had the freaky situation where Threshold played and Brian found himself opening his bag to reveal the he was about to play the same 1st 6 tracks in the same order! This as they say, is where it began. They started buying equipment with each person chipping in then started producing music. Be it Jungle or Down Tempo, being inspired from everything from Johnny Clarke to Johnny Jungle and during this period, Threshold started working as an engineer for the legendary Eskimo Noise company which led to working with top promoters in the scene and outside on corporate events. While under the watchful eyes of his then manager Troy and guidance from another engineer Bevin, he was chosen to be in the elite team to work in the legendary Metalheadz sessions. Together Threshold, Brian and Matthew formed Special Branch with their 1st 3 releases being on Ray Keith’s Penny Black imprint coming with the classic Dub Transmission E.P. which had heavy support from the likes of Doc Scott/ Storm/ Bailey/ Stretch & Goldie. Leading to a release on Reinforced Records under the alias Espionage with a track called Futuroid. Fabio and Grooverider the top DJ’s at the time did a whole 8 months playing it as did High Contrast. After more releases and taking on more engineering Threshold takes a break from his studio where he encounters another young artist with massive potential and starts to help him through. This artist later on was named Breakage co-producing a few of his early tracks and exchanging techniques in production, leading to another release on Reinforced. Moving on he discovered a night, Rupture where he meets Double O and Mantra who help show him he’s not the only one who misses the depth of sub bass in the music and a friendship grew. Soon on the roster Threshold soon became popular in the Rupture camp and went on to strong release on Rupture LDN with a track called Sweat Rice! (Do not ask about the name…) this then inspired Threshold to set up his own imprint with Jamma (to showcase new talents like Demented soul, Disarae, ID4 and Merge). Playing at popular nights such as Renegade Hardware, Beautifully Crafted Jungle, Rupture, Distant Planet & Skutta (to name but a few) enabled him to test tracks that he feared playing. Little did he know this would set him up releases many labels. 2019 and beyond look out for new projects forthcoming on AKO Beatz, Skeleton records, Fresh 86, Skutta recordings & Western Lore.
Always looking for the next fix in the studio… Cant see this changing anytime soon.