Yorobi (real name Josje Bijl) is an Amsterdam based dj who started out dj-ing in the mid-late nineties after getting introduced to a pirate radio station (Nautic Radio Groningen) in her home town of Groningen at 15 years old.

At an illegal fundraiser one night for the station the police raided the party and she put the cash register in her bag and handed it over to the organizers. This in turn led to getting a role as a presenter for that radio station.

What started out as hosting for a pirate radio station and getting well known dj’s to talk about their careers and random party goers to express inner ruminations, turned into her buying some records and to practice dj-ing in the studio of the radio station and at friends who had mk1210’s.

Josje got her own show at the local pirate station and the shows focused strongly on Drum and Bass, Hip Hop & Electro, inviting guests from all over town and occasionally hosting the odd internationally known dj[i].  She debuted as a dj in the basement of Vera (a club in Groningen).  After that she played all over the country alongside local and internationally known dj’s[1] , as well as in the UK & Belgium.  In 2006 she relocated to http://jungletrain.net/ , where she’s still broadcasting her bi-weekly live show.

[1] Producers like:  Nookie, Grooverider, Nookie, Dylan, John B, Ed Rush & Optical, Dom & Roland, The Upbeats, High Contrast, Black Sun Empire, Gridlok, Noisia, Silvahfonk, Fre4kNC, Om Unit, Ricky Force, Jubei etc.

[i]  Dj’s you may have heard of who came over in those days: Hidden Agenda, Aquasky, Noisia, The Upbeats, Maldini, Nu:Tone, Fre4kNC.

Yorobi’s style is fairly eclectic, ranging from introspective half time to (old skool & future) jungle, footwork & slowfast. Basically anything with heavily syncopated drums, lush pads and heavy bass lines.