Cylon Recordings

The leading label from the heart of UK underground headed by no other than Loxy who has played a seminal part in every step of Drum & Bass’ evolution. A pioneering sound and a home to every respected producer in the game, Clyon continues to its reign pushing that beautiful, experimental, dark side of the deepest DNB.

Samurai Music

The infamous Samurai Music label from Berlin, headed by Presha, has given rise to the prodigy that is Clarity and Seatte’s Homemeade Weapons. The label continues to push its unique, uncompromised, dark, industrial sound, swimming bewteen Techno and Drum & Bass, which has given it worldwide acclaim.

Sofa Sound

DLR’s imprint Sofa Sound is the cream of the crop when it comes to fresh rollers. The young label is already smashing up Bristol City witha huge recent night at the famous Trinity church. With an army of young guns like Black Barrel, War and veterans Hydro, this label is stepping up the sound of the future DNB.

Boey Audio

The only sound coming from Ireland, a Collective of producers and artists of multiple mediums, styles and levels. Born out of the Free Party Scene in Ireland’s North East, headed by Altex who is taking the scene by storm, the label has captivated a fresh young audience worldwide and will be bringing the energetic rolling sound of Drum & Bass we all love so much. Expect some serious fast paced action.

Foundation X

Calling all Junglists! Wolverhampton boy Skitty, who’s released on Metalheadz, Renegade Hardware, AKO Beats and UVB-76 Music set up Foundation X and has proven to be one of the leaders of the new Junglist movement. Running the label beside X Nation, the root of the culture twinned with the future sound is always evident.