Martinska - Šibenik - Croatia

Bass culture festival that nurtures its community and abides by the original ethos that sprouted the whole movement. For some it may be reminiscent of old skool raves while at the same time, pushing unexplored sonic boundaries
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9th edition

Membrain Festival

Thank You 2023

What an incredible edition this turned out to be!
Even the rain couldn't dampen our spirits, instead, it drew us closer together, forging an unforgettable bond. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who participated and shared the vibes. A special salute is owed to the tenacious technicians who valiantly battled against all odds on that rainy Friday night, ensuring the event's seamless continuation. Our brigade of dedicated volunteers deserves a standing ovation for their tireless efforts in preparation and execution. Applause resounds for the Freenetik Crew, whose mesmerizing visuals illuminated the main stage, and for the relentless endeavors of Mom's Kitchen, tirelessly nourishing and revitalizing everyone. The talented photographers, videographers and Tattoo artist immortalizing the moments we shared, deserve a round of applause. And let's not forget the incredible artists and crews, each hitting the mark and infusing the event with an aura that had us all journeying from one stage to another, brimming with curiosity and exhilaration!
Our hearts overflow with love and appreciation for each one of you! Your unwavering support warms our souls.
With heartfelt thanks,
The Membrain Team

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All our merchandise is designed by Studio Daboo, besides being an artist and designer Daboo is also the head organiser of the festival and is very passionate about everything he gets his hands on. These designs are printed in very limited editions and on the best quality garments, providing you with comfort and durability while using sustainable and eco friendly methods for printing.
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