Festival info

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the festival.
Where is Martinska
Martinska is situated on a peninsula just across the city of Šibenik - Croatia.
What kind of food do you serve?
We serve domestic made food, we have vegan, vegetarian and omnivore menu.
Are there toilets & showers?
There are a number of chemical toilets on the festival site in designated area, also there is a number of chemical toilets and showers in the festival camping site.
Is there drinking water?
Yes, drinking water is available at our bars, we advise you not to drink water from the festival taps, that is a utility water. In case you are camping we recommend to bring quantities of drinking water you think you will need.

Festival rules

Few rules we expect all of our visitors to comply with.
Entrance to the festival
When entering the festival, you will exchange your e-ticket or a ticket for a wristband, wristband type will depend on the ticket of your choosing. There will be security team at the door who are checking that no one is bringing any illicit items, s.a. firearms, knives, etc. Also you are not allowed to enter the festival site with food or beverages, water is allowed. Please cooperate with the security so that they can work efficiently, they are there to help us all have best time possible.
What's you policy for minors?
We are 18+ festival, however we are also family friendly festival, meaning that all minors who are accompanied by an adult are welcome.
We employ professional security service on the festival, they won't bother you if you don't bother anyone. To keep everyone safe they will check you at the door each time you are entering the festival site.
We do not tolerate aggression, violence, homophobia or any form of discrimination. If we hear or see you are bullying or discriminating anyone, your rights to stay at the festival will be immediately nulled. Respect yourself, the others, the festival location and the soundsystems!
We are doing each year our best to minimise our carbon footprint and we expect the same from all our visitors. Please take care of the environment you find yourself in, Martinska is a UNESCO protected natural location. We provide enough of trash bins on the festival site to keep everything clean, we will not appreciate anyone throwing their garbage in the sea even if it is biodegradable.

Travel to Šibenik

Answers to frequently asked questions about travel to the city of Šibenik.
What Airports are closest to Šibenik?
Šibenik is situated between two main airports in Dalmatia, Split & Zadar, both are in equal distance from Šibenik (70km). Either of the airports have plenty of affordable connections. We suggest to check either for the best price when planning your booking.
I’m traveling by car how do I get to Šibenik?
From the direction of Zagreb, Rijeka and Istria it is easy to reach Martinska following the motorway direction of Šibenik and get off at the exit 20 – Pirovac, and then continue driving in the direction of Jadrija and Martinska. Also, from the direction of Split follow the motorway and use exit 22- Šibenik and follow the road through Šibenik Bridge and to Martinska.
Are there buses/coaches to Šibenik?
There are regular bus lines from all major cities in Croatia, in the region and abroad. For more info you can check up flixbus.com and getbybus.com for local connections.
Can I get there by train?
If you prefer to travel by train, you can use any of your preferred train connections, locally you can reach Šibenik easily from Zagreb or Split, internationally you can take a train to either and change to local connection.

Getting to Martinska

Short explanations and answers in regard to finding the festival location easy.
Can I get a taxi boat to the festival?
YES! There is a regular connection throughout the day with Martinska by boat, boat docking is visibly marked with flag(s) on the pier of the Šibenik promenade. If you are in a hurry there is a speed boat connection as well.
Are there taxi’s to the festival location?
Yes! There are plenty of local taxies and Uber drivers that can take you to and from Martinska.
Can I get there by car?
Of course, you can easily reach Martinska by car, just head in the direction of Jadrija and you will see the exit for Martinska.


Some of the most frequently asked questions about festival camping.
Is there camping on festival site?
Yes, we have a Robinson type camping available. It is situated under the pines and at appropriate distance from the soundsystems. All our visitors with festival, weekend and group tickets are entitled to FREE camping on site. Bear in mind that the camping is limited in capacity, make sure to come early to secure your spot.
Is there water on camping site?
Yes, there is water available on the camping site, please take in account that this is utility water and is not recommended for drinking, you can cook with it and shower. In case you need drinking water we advise to bring the quantity you think you'll need or purchase it from our bars.
Do you supply camping equipment?
Sorry, we are not supplying any camping equipment for our free camping on festival site. If you are planning to make use of our camping, please make sure to bring all your supplies needed for camping. Please bear in mind that our camping is Robinson Style camping with basic necessities, such as water, showers and toilets. Open fires are strictly forbidden as camping is situated in the pine forest, small camping cooking stoves are allowed but should be used carefully.
Can I come with RUV?
Our camping site has limited amount of slots for motorhomes (RUV's) and van's. Please make sure to contact us beforehand so we can designate you with a slot.
Can I reserve a spot in the camp?
Sorry but no, we work on principle first come first served, this is a FREE Robinson style camping, only people with RUV's (motorhomes) should reach out to us prior to arriving with their vehicles for allocating a slot due to limited capacity and social awareness for other visitors of the camp.
Are there toilets & showers?
There are a number of chemical toilets on the festival site in designated area, also there is a number of chemical toilets and showers in the festival camping site.


Handy info about accommodation options while visiting the festival.
What type of accommodation I can find?
You can find any type of accommodation in city of Šibenik, Hotels, Hostels, Apartments, Villa's & AirBnB's. Take in account that during the summer Šibenik gets very busy, you should book your stay in advance. Try our accommodation map to find something suitable.  https://www.stay22.com/embed/612ce24e8e12bc0017657512


Few frequently asked questions about parking.
Is there parking on site?
You can park your vehicle in front of the entrance, do make sure that you leave enough room for safe passage of emergency services. This year we decided to make available a portion of festival location for parking of your cars as to leave as much space possible for tents at the festival camping. Feel free to park your car at the designated area on site.
Where can I park in Šibenik?
There are enough official parkings in the city of Šibenik where you can leave you car safely. Biggest one is in the city centre, next one is next to the central bus station, to name a few.
Can I park a car at the camping site?
We advise against it, as the camping is limited in capacity and cars as such are taking away from the available space for camping.


Answers to frequently asked questions about currency.
How do I pay at the festival?
We work with tokens, you can get yours at the token stand. Please be advised that there are no ATM's on the festival site. In case you ran out of cash, as of this year you will be able to purchase your tickets at the door and tokens on site with your credit or bank card as well.
What’s the official currency in Croatia?
As of 1st of January 2023 Croatia entered Euro zone and is using Euro as an official currency. This means no more currency exchanging :)