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We are coming back to Martinska Šibenik next summer from 5th to 8th of August

On site free camping available throughout the whole event otherwise many apartments available in the area. There will be a taxi boat from Martinska Bay to town where lots of accommodation is available for super cheap. Please see accommodation map for details.

We are keeping local prices on food and drink throughout the whole event.

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Festival Ticket 2021€90
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Day Ticket 2021€35
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Group Ticket 2021€72
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Festival Ticket
All Days Pass including free (Robinson) camping on site, see any act you want, at any of the 3 stages, enjoy the sunshine, the sea, Dalmatia and bass vibes in their essence.

Day Ticket
Maybe you don’t have time to stay with us for the duration of the whole festival, but would like to support artists of your liking on a given day? you don’t have to buy a ticket for all days but one and visit us when you like!
(day tickets do not include camping)

Group Tickets

These Group Deals are only valid for international tickets

Carpool deal for this year’s festival. If you and your friends buy 4 tickets for Membrain Festival then we’ll give you a 5th complimentary ticket. Let’s celebrate together!

Group Tickets
5x Full Festival Ticket for all days
Buy 4 get 1 for FREE*!
(minimum order of 5 tickets, 5th one is free)
*price calculated from the full price of 90€ per festival ticket