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Festival Ticket

All Days Pass including free (Robinson) camping on site, see any act you want, at any of the stages, enjoy the sunshine, the sea, Dalmatia and bass vibes in their essence.
FREE Festival camping included with each festival ticket.

Weekend Ticket

Why not come only for a weekend? You work hard during the week and you have only weekend available, or could be that you decided last minute to join us, if that is the case, then weekend ticket is a perfect solution for you!
FREE Festival camping is also included with each Weekend ticket.
Weekend Ticket is valid from Friday to Sunday.

Day Ticket

Maybe you don’t have time to stay with us for the duration of the whole festival, but would like to support artists of your liking on a given day? you don’t have to buy a ticket for all days but one and visit us when you like!
Festival camping is NOT included in the Day Tickets.

Group Tickets

If you and your friends buy 4 tickets for Membrain Festival then we’ll give you a 5th complimentary ticket for FREE.
Let’s celebrate together!
Group Tickets are full festival tickets and include FREE Festival camping.
Sold per group of 5, each 5th ticket is FREE

Lokalne ulaznice

Kao i za naše posjetitelje iz ostatka svijeta vrijede ista pravila, povedite prijatelje, kupite 4 ulaznice i dobiti će te od nas 5-u gratis!
(minimalna narudžba je pet ulaznica da se ispune uvjeti)
*cijena je izračunata po punoj festivalskoj ulaznici