Bandcamp Friday w/ Samurai Music

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Updated: December 2, 2022

Samurai Music presents us with a double edition on Bandcamp Friday this week. Both releases are available to preorder now and are featuring new looks of the Samurai Music.

Eusebeia returns with the second EP on Samurai, following up Fall Then Rise. The new release builds on the hypnotic rhythms established by its predecessor but takes us deeper into a darker, more sinister territory; perfect for those times when your soul needs cleansing or exorcising!

New deadly low-slung rhythms from Sardinian Samurai family member Last Life, by now a fabric of the Samurai Music sound, Tensor sees Sardinia's Last Life back for his fourth release for the label. The dive-bomb bounce of Offside opens the EP - hurling out laser-sharp mentasms over a searing groove. Elements adds pace with a driving amen tunnel, pinned down by a swaying half-step kick formation and vocal insignia. Title track Tensor combines many of Last Life's signature talents perfectly - honed amen edits, a lush percussion loop, and kick drums sitting perfectly - a lesson in propulsion. EP closer Incubus has been receiving the most plays by DJs - a flexing groove, dripping in menace and raw power.

Take the opportunity to preorder these fresh releases by some of our favourite Samurai and support the artists and label today.