Dead Stare – The Factories

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Updated: May 5, 2023

Dead Stare is a special highlight in several respects on the Hungarian electronic music palette: the duo, which came out on the scene in 2014, started from the global bass music melting pot, the two members of the duo live thousands of kilometres apart – the parent father of the project, the bedroom producer Geitser Gergó from Győrszentiván – Hungary, and his musical companion-mentor, of Mexican descent Edgar Avila (DJ Broken Record) homed in Santa Rosa, California, have been receiving support by the likes of Afrojack and Hardwell among others with their tech-house vibes.

Now, a debut album that has been in making for 9 years has carefully selected and crafted productions that will take you on an emotional journey which showcases Dead Stare’s style that matured through time with collected experiences.

Dead Stare’s debut album ‘The Factories’ is considered Gergő’s own, as he did totality of production, having said that this doesn’t mean that DJ Broken Record was out of the picture and was involved adding his own bits to the sauce.
In conclusion album is a magnificent piece of work which came out accordingly as a self-release.
Have a listen and enjoy!