Fam events in Munich

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Updated: December 5, 2022

If you’re a from Munich, you know that the city is your playground. From bars to clubs, you always have fun things to do and places to go. But for all you who are not from, did you know that Munich also has a thriving underground scene? Here are some of the upcoming events from our Fam crews in Munich:


On Saturday, December 10th, Casco is playing an exclusive set at Corleone Kunst Musik Bar. Corleone Kunst Musik Bar is a Munich based bar/club that has been around for years and has been a favorite among locals. It’s small enough to provide a cozy atmosphere but big enough to allow you to dance and enjoy.

Casco at Membrain Festival 2022

Break it Down pres. No_Name & Dschen (16 Dec 2022)

Second in line just the weekend after is an event by Break it down Munich who are throwing a party at Sunny Red | Feierwerk with:
▷ No_Name (Jungle Syndicate / Time Tunnel / Next Phase – Berlin)
▷ Dschen (Secuencias Temporales – Munich)
▷ Kit Curse (Break it Down – Munich)
▷ Cruel Culture (Break it Down – Munich)
Feirwerk is long time on a mission to support different cultures in their independence and dynamics. They enable and promote belonging, regardless of age and generation limits. Perfect place to be yourself and have a good time.

Kit Curse at Membrain Festival 2022

If you want to dance there’s no need to worry, you are guaranteed a good time with loads of subheavy vibes that will deeply resonate with you at either of the events!