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Updated: December 13, 2022


Our friend Hasky of Paranoised DnB Crew just threw a fresh release out, mixed and mastered in cooperation with FM mastering, it's buzzing with vibes that are encompassing range between jungle and jump-up that Hasky and his crew are known for.
Check the tune here;


Antagonist may have been on the quiet side, but it was only a quiet before the storm, with coming of fresh releases in the agenda there will be plenty to remind us the force he is! Expect upcoming releases soon on R&S Records and Dispatch in the new year!

Antagonist | Precession [One.Seventy 2022]

Homemade Weapons & The Untouchables
In case you haven't caught up with this strong mix by Homemade Weapons & The Untouchables, here it is, it's a treat filled with those deep vibes that we all love so much.