Kid Kodama – Membrain Festival 2023 – Promo Mix

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Promo Mix
Updated: May 21, 2023

Prepare yourself for an experience that will transport you to a parallel universe of melodic madness. @kid-kodama will take you on a voyage through pulsating rhythms and hypnotic sounds that will make your soul soar!

Mark your calendars, people! From 03-06 Aug, Membrain Festival is THE place to be for an unforgettable musical escape. 😎 Immerse yourself in the stunning scenery of Šibenik-Martinska and let the rhythmic waves of music wash over you. 🌊🎵

🎉 And let’s not forget, @kid-kodama will be there to rock your world with his mind-bending beats! 🎶🎉 This promo mix is just a sneak peek into the sonic wonderland he’ll unleash during the festival. Brace yourself for a musical journey like no other!

Listen and enjoy here below.