M-Zine 'Know When You're Ready'

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Updated: April 10, 2023

M-zine returns to Sofa Sound Bristol with a very special project - his debut album, 'Know When You're Ready'.

It's a milestone moment for an artist whose output has matured, marinated and developed for over a decade to a natural pinnacle.

M-zine represents everything we love at Sofa Sound and the album is layered with warm textures and organic tones to form a rich body of work with great depth that rewards both your patience and your sound system.

With influences rooted in dub, techno, funk and soul, M-zine embraces the lost art of simplicity and is focused on getting the most out of just 4 or 5 core elements so everything works together nicely in the mix.

Written mostly during covid; clubs were closed, but M-zine had his rig at home and used the isolation to craft his own little soundscape; something pure and introspective, nice and simple.

It's subtle, meditative and Sofa Sound through and through - a warm collection of tracks for you to appreciate.

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