Outliers Mastering Services

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Updated: March 18, 2023

Outliers Mastering is a new audio mixing and mastering service from Samurai Music Group.

All mixing and mastering by Sam KDC. Sam has been behind crafting the final sound for numerous projects on the Samurai and Horo labels as well as artists on other highly respected and influential labels.


Standard Mastering

Stem Mastering (Up to 8 Stems)

Full mix and master (8+ Stems)

Professional sound for a price accessible to all. Bespoke pricing for your project. Get in touch for a quote.

mastering@samuraimusic.net // www.outliersmastering.com

Lacquer cutting service for vinyl pressing available.

Sam has mastered music for artists including;
Ancestral Voices ∙ Answer Code Request ∙ Anthony Linell ∙ Arnaud Le Texier ∙ ASC ∙ B Traits ∙ Denise Rabe ∙ Eomac ∙ Flaminia ∙ Killawatt ∙ Kwartz ∙ Lag ∙ Last Life ∙ Lussuria ∙ Nastika ∙ OAKE ∙ Pact Infernal ∙ P.E.A.R.L ∙ Pessimist ∙ Presha ∙ Psyk ∙ Swarm Intelligence ∙ Tapefeed ∙ Torn Relics ∙ Trepaneringsritualen ∙ VSK ∙ Zed Bias