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Updated: December 3, 2022

Nothing is quite as exciting as a fresh release! Whether it’s a new album from a favourite artist, or your own creative project, there’s something exhilarating about seeing it out in the world. And today we are bringing you a digest of the fresh releases from our friends and family.

Sun People – Into The New EP / released on: Defrostatica

In 2022 Sun People presents a refined version of his take on high-speed breakbeat minimalism, drawing further from bleep, dub and even industrial techno. From the cold opener Into The New to the jungle-tekno track Overtoom and the tribalism of State of Flux, Sun People continues to follow the plan of making precise beats for raves in long dark tunnels. Amaterasu marks the soulful coda of the EP and gives us the opportunity to catch our breath.


Resound – Rhytual : Unsung (Sun People remix) / released on: Straight Up Breakbeat 

Traces of fellow Austrian legends, Kruder & Dorfmeister can be heard in the dubbed out rework of Unsung by Sun People. Released on 2nd of Dec on Bandcamp as a part of a remix compilation ft. dBridge/Sceptical/Dead Man’s Chest, to check the full ep: Click Here

Dreadmaul – Bandcamp Remixed

Dreadmaul comes with a celebratory 10th release that features an array of Membrain Festival artists (Fuj, Alegria, Nusku, Eusebeia and more), release turned unexpectedly into a massive remix sampler that we all are sure is something you’ll enjoy! Preorder it at his bandcamp: Click Here

dreadmaul bandcamp remixes

Philo & Dreadmaul – Do It Right / Shame Bats / released on: Defrostatica

Philo & Dreadmaul started collaborating on tracks in Zoom sessions at the beginning of the pandemic. When they met at the Membrain Festival, they knew that their shared musical spirit was far from fleeting. Do It Right reflects their penchant for UK jungle music and features an epic intro, a dub-influenced bassline and two storytelling-style drops. Shame Bats plays with hardcore and turbo elements in a raw way. The promising producer duo makes their debut on Defrostatica with this two track 12″ vinyl.
Check it out: Click Here

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